N1 Takeaway: Tootoomoo provides exciting dishes from Parts of asia specifically Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Thailand, Japan and Vietnam.

N1 Takeaway

‘Without really good food you might have nothing’ - something Tootoomoo lives by.

With a ‘Pan Asian’ menu, Tootoomoo provides exciting dishes from Asian countries specifically

Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Thailand, Japan and Vietnam.

Recption menus features a popular combination of small dishes including: Chicken Gyoza, Duck rolls, Tiger Prawn

N1 Takeaway

Tempura; delicious large dishes like: Green Curry, Beef Rendang, Grilled Salmon Miso and Winter

favourites in Noodles/Soups: Chicken Ramen, Pad Thai, Miso Soup

Tootoomoo is focused on authentically cooked street food. Executive chef Ricky Pang works closely

with his team perfecting each dish and looking for brand new creations to test out and increase the menu.

For that health-conscious, Tootoomoo comes with a exciting array of delicious Sushi, Sashimi and salads

From your classics - Californian prawns, Tuna Sashimi to Thai Beef salad, Spider Crab Maki as well as the

highly recommended Duck and Watermelon salad, brilliant if you’re wanting a simple snack.

The best bit could it be all can be shipped to your door - convenient, customized, fresh tasty meals.

Made in one's heart of Crouch End, you can find your stop by at district extremely satisfying; the

team walk out of their approach to cause you to feel welcome along with the atmosphere alone enables you to want to


Tootoomoo is heavily active inside community. They cooperate with local schools at fairs and

offering schools programs, such as the successful sushi making classes making an effort to educate and excite

children about healthy food choices from various countries round the word. They also offer customized

classes to non-public individuals and company events great excuse to learn how it’s produced by the


Having a takeout store in Highgate, Tootoomoo family have recently expanded to Highbury http://www.viewlondon.co.uk/restaurants.aspx and

Islington. Taking North London by storm and to their tradition in true Tootoomoo style the

stores offer nothing more than vibrant, fun, exceptional service and exciting food.

In addition to guilt- free natural and devoid of fat frozen yoghurt by Frae. Tootoomoo’s vibrant fun style

continues beyond the food with an exceptional array of Asian cocktails from Lychee Martini’s on the

rum shaken Oriental Dream. E-mail they deliver these too!!

Why visit Tootoomoo? Simply the best Asian takeout North with the city.

The menu range http://londonrestaurantfestival.com/ accommodates all diet types, perfect if you're looking for somewhere exciting with

Gluten-free or Vegetarian /Vegan options.

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